Vaginal Er:SMOOTH™ Laser (VEL™) ACADEMY

SMOOTH™ Technology

Independent scientific organization devoted to women’s health and quality of life.

Mission is to introduce the Erbium Smooth™ Laser (Fotona) in gynecological practice.


Congress secretariat

Via L. Da Vinci 4/11  • 57123 Livorno
Tel. 0586444539 • Fax 05861867649


Vaginal Er:Smooth Laser (VEL™) Academy

5th International Focus Meeting
FLORENCE, November 9 – 10 2019

Scientific Secretariat

M. Cervigni (Italy)
M. Gambacciani (Italy)

Fotona SMOOTH® Er:YAG laser treatments in gynecology

Compendium of Clinical Studies

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    Functional vaginal restoration

    Erbium Smooth™ Laser Technology (Fotona)

    Using the improved performances of Erbium™ Smooth Laser (Fotona) wavelength, VELA mission is to introduce the Erbium™ Smooth Laser (Fotona) in gynecological practice for the treatment of vaginal atrophy, stress urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

    VELA promotes Erbium Smooth™ Laser (Fotona) in schools, international meetings, congresses

    Educational VELA

    VELA encourages the exchange of research and professional experience between members. VELA aims to guarantee an high standard of education and information for all Members, providing articles, patient information, web resources, and referrals and keeps its members up-to-date..

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    and contribute to the clinical data collection.

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    Vagina Expert League (VEL)

    If you’re a gynecologist who works with our system, you can learn more about our Erbium Smooth™ Laser Technology (Fotona) in specific training events and demo.
    If you do not use this revolutionary technology, you can receive all the scientific information needed to evaluate it.